Mobility Equipment

At Van Products, we offer a variety of mobility equipment to make transportation as smooth and seamless as possible. Some of our mobility equipment is mentioned below, though this is by no means an exhaustive list.

If you have a question or concern about anything we carry - or if you have a question about something that is not listed on our website, please give us a call today at either of the numbers listed at the end of this page. 

Mobility Equipment Offered by Van Products 

Van Products offers mobility equipment for handicap conversion vans. We also offer mobility products for use in and around your home, business, or anywhere that you need/want to go.  Interested in purchasing a used handicap van, but worried that it doesn’t quite have the mobility equipment you need? Speak to one of our mobility representatives today.

While some of our mobility equipment can be shipped direct to your home, other products/accessories may require installation by a certified mobility technician. Below are some of the mobility equipment options we offer. For additional details, or to find out more about any of the products you see (or don’t see) on this page, contact us today at (919) 878-7110!

Hand Controls

Hand control systems allow drivers to manipulate the brake and gas pedals using a specially designed lever that is (usually) mounted just below the steering wheel.  The hand control systems that we install are designed to have the highest levels of user-friendliness, ease of operation, and safety. 

Wheelchair Tie Downs 

When traveling by vehicle in your wheelchair, wheelchair tie downs are not only important; they are an essential component to ensure your safe transportation. At Van Products, we carry a varied assortment of wheelchair tie downs as well as wheelchair securement accessories and products.

Automotive Seating 

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time commuting back and forth, from work to home, home to school, or other places. Don’t let your physical disability interrupt your routine. With Van Products’ automotive seating, we make getting into and out of your vehicle easier, with wheelchair transfers to or from your handicap van.

Jump Seats                 

Jump seats add extra seating for your wheelchair van to accommodate larger families or just provide more versatility in seating arrangements.

Wheelchair Lifts and Scooter Lifts

Wheelchair lifts and scooter lifts are designed to assist you when traveling by car with your wheelchair or scooter in tow. Today, there are a wide variety of makes and models to choose from, ranging from mechanical solutions to fully-integrated systems.  

Van Products carries all of the mobility equipment for your used handicap van. Shop online now, visit one of our showroom locations, or speak with a mobility specialist today! Contact us at: (919) 878-7110.