Wheelchair Lifts for Used Handicap Vans

Wheelchair lifts are designed to allow you to transport your wheelchair when traveling by vehicle. Van Products currently offers a number of wheelchair lift makes and models to choose from, ranging from mechanical solutions to fully-integrated systems where all you have to do is push a button.

When purchasing wheelchair lifts for used handicap vans, a large part of the decision will depend on:

  • The type of vehicle you will have the wheelchair lift installed on
  • Your range of mobility/physical limitations
  • Your budget

At Van Products, we recommend speaking with one of our mobility specialists. He/She will be able to educate you further as well as help you select the wheelchair lift that is right for you. Browse our online inventory for wheelchair lifts such as: under vehicle wheelchair lifts to folding platform wheelchair lifts, side entry wheelchair lifts, and more.

Scooter Lifts for Used Handicap Vans

Scooter lifts are available for most vehicle and chair combinations and can work well in used handicap vans, in the trunk of a car, in pick up trucks, SUVs or station wagons. Most manual scooter lifts are attached to your vehicle by sliding a device into a hitch, located at the rear of your vehicle.

While manual scooter lifts can be installed easily by yourself, electrically-powered scooter lifts are more complicated to install and should be done by a professional.

Wheelchair and Scooter Lift Options for Trucks

Do you own an SUV? Now you can enjoy better mobility! Van Products offers wheelchair and scooter lift options for pickup trucks.

From power transfer seats to docking systems that lift your wheelchair or scooter and place it in the bed of your pickup truck, we offer several kinds of modifications to suit your needs. Call today to find out more: toll-free at (800) 209-6133 or locally at (919) 238-4597.