Sell Us Your Handicap Van

Do you currently own a handicap van that you’re thinking of trading in or trying to sell on your own? Sell your handicap van to Van Products! 

Whether you’re interested in purchasing another modified van, or if this is your first time trying to sell your handicap van, our mobility specialists are trained professionals who are here to help you through the process. 

Why Sell Your Handicap Van To Van Products?

There are numerous reasons to sell your handicap van to Van Products. Below are just some of the reasons:

  • Age of Van – Perhaps your handicap van is outdated by several years, and you want to purchase something that is newer.
  • Mobility Features – Over time, mobility features can change or be modified to make the driving experience more comfortable.
  • Changes in Mobility Needs – Sometimes our mobility needs change – either due to our situations or our age.
  • Family – Perhaps you use your handicap van for regular day-to-day activities with the kids. If your family has grown, or you’re seeing an increased need for transporting your children, it may be time to consider a different kind of van.
  • Lifestyle – Live an active lifestyle? Sell your current handicap van for one that can do a better job keeping up!
  • Upgrade – Sometimes, you simply want a change of venue. 


4 Ways To Sell Your Handicap Van To Us:

At Van Products, we make it easier than ever to sell your handicap van to us. Below are four ways in which we do this:

Directly to Us:

If you decide to sell your handicap van directly to Van Products, we offer cash on all vehicles, and we'll even pick up your used minivan or wheelchair accessible vehicle!

Vehicle Trade-In:

We offer an excellent vehicle trade-in program. We’ll assess your van and will offer you a trade-in value towards the purchase of any of our used handicap vans. Your van does NOT have to be a modified handicap van in order to participate!

Sell Your Handicap Van & Save with Van Products

Our highly qualified mobility specialists are ready to get you out of your current van and into a better handicap van, more suited to your specific needs. Contact us today at: (919) 878-7110. You can also fill out our vehicle assessment form.