Automotive Seating & Transfer Solutions

Getting into and out of your vehicle is easier with automotive seating and transfer solutions from Van Products. Automotive seating and transfer solutions are specifically designed with the wheelchair user in mind, helping you transfer from your wheelchair to a vehicle’s seat effortlessly.

At Van Products, we offer several options when it comes to automotive seating for used handicap vans.  Additionally, all of our automotive seating complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Learn more about each one below.

Types of Automotive Seating Solutions for Used Handicap Vans

Transfer Seats

Van Products can safely and quickly install transfer seats for your used handicap van. Transfer seats make it easier for enter and exit your vehicle, and our transfer seats can be customized according to your specific mobility needs.

One of the transfer seats that we offer is The Power Transfer Seat Base - 6 Way Scissor, which is an adjustable position van seat base designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities.

This power base enables the driver's side seat in a full size van to move as much as 16 inches horizontally or 8 inches vertically, and to swivel up to 100 degrees. No alteration of the factory seat is required for installation.

Bruno Turning Automotive Seating Series (TAS)

A long-standing leader in the mobility industry, Bruno Turning Automotive Seating, otherwise known as TAS, is a kit that can be installed into most new and used handicap vans and SUVs up to ten years old. This type of automotive seating modifies the seat to enable it to swivel and tilt. This maneuverability makes entry into and exit from the vehicle easier as well as more comfortable for disabled persons. For those who have limited mobility, Bruno TAS enables them to sit directly in the van. The wheelchair is then stowed in the back.

Jump Seats

Need additional seating room in your used handicap van? Jump seats are a great option and can be installed during the conversion process or as an automotive seating option after the fact.

Jump seats are a type of temporary seating arrangement, designed to accommodate additional passengers who are not in wheelchairs. They provide a quick solution when you are traveling with additional passengers.

Turning & Transfer Seats for Improved Mobility

Van Products proudly offers a complete line of Turning Automotive Seating (TAS) products that allow you to effortlessly enter and exit your used handicap van. All of our automotive seating is designed with your safety in mind, and each of our automotive seating options meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and best practices.

Besides providing easier, safer mobility for our wheelchair customers, turning and transfer automotive seating features the ability to:

  • Transfer wheelchair-bound passengers as well as drivers using a powered transfer platform
  • raise and lower person into and out of vehicle
  • assist person in entering or exiting a vehicle with seats that swivel easily
  • And More! 

Browse our large online inventory to see the different styles and manufacturers we have available. You can also contact us today by calling us toll-free at (800) 209-6133 or locally at (919) 238-4597.