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  • Holiday Gift Ideas & Tips for People with Disabilities

    Whether you have a physical disability or not, the following are some great tips to keep in mind as you prepare for holiday shopping this season.

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    3 Holiday Shopping Tips for People with Disabilities

    #1 - Do Your Research Beforehand.

    Smart consumers don’t wait until the last minute to purchase gifts for loved ones. Rather, they do their research well in advance. This includes things such as price comparisons as well as figuring out what you’re actually going to buy for others during the holiday season.

    #2 - Do Your Shopping Online.

    While some people prefer to get out there and visit a brick and mortar location to shop, you can just as easily perform most shopping tasks from the comfort of your own home. Besides this, shopping online provides a great alternative to facing the hoards of holiday shoppers that are out there this time of year. In some cases, you may even be able to find better online deals.

    #3 - Do Your Shopping During Off-Peak Hours.

    The closer you get to the holidays (especially Christmas), the more the stores will be crowded. This is especially true as many stores post extended holiday hours.

    If you do plan to do holiday shopping, plan to do it during off-peak hours. This means shopping during the middle of the week, during the day while most people are at work. Also, be sure that you speak to employees about any return policies, store promotions, and warranty questions that you may have. This will help you avoid delays or miscommunication in the even that you have to make an exchange.

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    Holiday Gift Ideas for Disabled Adults

    Disabled World | http://products.disabled-world.com/

    • More than 5,000 products for adults, seniors, and children with disabilities.

    Van Products | http://www.vanproducts.com/mobility-products/

    • Shop a variety of mobility products for adults and seniors who are faced with mobility challenges.

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    Holiday Gift Ideas for Disabled Children

    SpecialNeedsGifts.com | http://specialneedsgifts.com/

    • Hand-picked, reasonably priced gifts for children with special needs, segmented by age, special need, and/or skill development.

    Ability Station | http://www.abilitystation.com/

    • Special toys for children with various needs and skillsets. All toys are therapist-approved.

    Amazon.com | http://amzn.to/1NG9oVf

    • Multi-sensory toys and products for children with unique developmental needs. Choose from kitchen playlets to tricycles and more.


    • A summary list of 10 toys and other items to help children who have: Down syndrome, autism, juvenile arthritis, cerebral palsy, and sensory integration impairment.

    Toys to Grow On | http://www.toystogrowon.com/

    • Has everything from baby & toddler toys to activity toys, educational toys, and more.

    Lakeshore Learning | http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/

    • Though not targeted specifically for children with special needs, this site provides a variety of toys and products that may be useful to parents of children with special needs.

    Toys ‘R’ Ushttp://bit.ly/1HEdivd

    • Has an entire section devoted to “Differently-Abled” children. Some of the categories include (but are not limited to): Tactile, Gross Motor Skills, Thinking and Visual, Fine Motor Skills, Auditory, Social Skills, and more.

    Special Needs Toys | http://www.specialneedstoys.com/usa/

    • Multi-sensory toys/products to help children with disabilities learn while also having fun. Products range and are grouped according to: auditory, motor, proprioception, tactile, visual, and more.

    FunAndFunction.com | http://specialneedsgifts.com/curebit

    • Created by a husband/wife duo - focuses on sensory disorder products that help build skills and self-esteem in children, particularly those with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

    Playability Toys | http://playabilitytoys.com/

    • Focuses on toys that specifically cater to a wide variety of challenges including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Blind or Visually Impaired as well as Cognitive, Speech and Physical Challenges.


    What are some other gift ideas that you can think of for the disabled person in your life? Let us know in the comments section!

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